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The Undercurrent of Misogyny in Gaming Journalism

Greg Costikyan, a writer for the gaming website “Gamasutra”, released an article in which he roundly attacks gamers who have rallied under the banner of what is being called GamerGate.  His attacks are focused on these gamers as if they … Continue reading

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CAFE’s Menu is Just Fine – A response to Paul Elam

***This was a personal response and does not reflect the views of The Canadian Association For Equality. Paul Elam recently took me to task over comments I had made on a panel at AVFM’s first international conference on Men’s Issues. … Continue reading

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A Conversation With Men is Needed

Ms. Magazine published an article by Donna Decker on how we should not be surprised that a white (in truth, half white) male went on a killing spree in Santa Barbara.  Ms. Decker feels that this story will repeat itself … Continue reading

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Debunked – Part 3

I honestly can’t be bothered. I went to go see what the last 4 “debunked” issues were, and I see he’s made changes to where I already highlighted that he has absolutely not debunked a thing. Instead, here’s a screenshot … Continue reading

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“Debunking MRAs” Debunked – An Addendum on Suicide

In my original writing on the subject of suicide in “’Debunking MRAs’ Debunked”, I was being mathematically lazy.  Someone at the subreddit “feMRA debates” challenged me on where I got my numbers from.  They didn’t agree with how I used an … Continue reading

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“Debunking MRAs” Debunked – Part Two

Preface:  Part two includes stats on child custody.  The stats from “Debunking MRAs” were used recently at CAFE’s talk by Edward Kruk on shared parenting.  This is the dubious research that protesters of men’s issues cite, providing “Debunking MRAs” as … Continue reading

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“Debunking MRAs” Debunked – Part One

            de·bunk verb Expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief). “Debunking MRAs” Debunked Part One There is a talk being held in Kingston, Ontario, at Queen’s University on Thursday, March the … Continue reading

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