Debunked – Part 3

I honestly can’t be bothered. I went to go see what the last 4 “debunked” issues were, and I see he’s made changes to where I already highlighted that he has absolutely not debunked a thing. Instead, here’s a screenshot of my parting comment:

Fuckwit Debunked
I’ve got better things to write about than basically correcting this guy’s homework for him.

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2 Responses to Debunked – Part 3

  1. Eye, I’d welcome seeing you write something else….if I can ……use your forensic research capacities and wit to capture men’s circumstances and used to pursue equality aspirations. Something small and telling…if you were Uk based, then I’d be seeking something relating to men’s health. Which I would then reference and circulate…are you aware of any sources for this type of information? Thanks

  2. eyeofwoden says:

    Nope, since I’m Canadian based. I always recommend looking for information you’re interested in yourself, because one always finds other stuff during their search. I found out plenty of stuff breaking down that guy’s piss-poor article. I think I enjoy debunking people’s crap so thoroughly because I come out so much better educated on the other side.

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